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Elaboratex offers an extensive cheap commercial Catering & kitchen equipment, commercial refrigerator and restaurant equipment supplies ranging from restaurant small wares to heavy-duty equipment.  Elaboratex main products are: cooking equipment, refrigeration products, food preparation machinery, bakery equipment, working table & shelves, restaurant furniture and success of our business in a very demanding industry.

Our factory is located in guangzhou, one of the most developed cities in China. As the center of China’s quality manufactures, almost all the advanced Catering equipment and
Commercial Kitchen Equipment and is pleased to help you to select products with the right features from our numerous data base according to your requirement, In one word, you can find all the things you need for your new kitchen equipment Restaurant Equipments.

Hot Dog Grill & HHD-05
Electric Pizza Oven & HEP-1-1
Rostiseeerie & HGJ-3P
Electric Bain Marie & HB-750
Popcorn Machine & HP-6A
Hot Display Showcase & HW-1100
Electric Griddle & HEG-818A
2-Tank 2-Basket Electric Fryer & HEF-82
4-Burner Gas Range with Oven & HGR-905